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Music Studio I


Grades: 10, 11, and 12

Subject Area/Course Credit: Creative Arts, 1 credit

Prerequisite: C- or above in Creative Music or teacher recommendation (discuss with Music Studio teacher Mr. Haycraft)

Music Studio I is an intermediate level project-based course that enables students to create, perform, and respond to music in a variety of ways. Students can choose to work in groups or independently, to create, perform, and/or produce music of various styles. Students will deepen their knowledge and understanding of rhythm, meter, melody, harmony and form, while building these elements into both their performance and/or production projects. Students will share work in class, as well as respond to works and recordings made by professional composers and artists, and learn to give feedback based on their growing knowledge of musical elements. Note: Students who successfully complete this course will be prepared for Music Studio II and may be considered for IB Music or AP Music Theory.