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Spanish B1.1


(Common European Framework of Reference Equivalent B1.1)

Grades: 9, 10, 11 or 12

Subject Area/Course Credit: World Language, 1 credit

Prerequisite: Spanish A2 or CEFR A1 certificate (or equivalent) or teacher recommendation

Spanish B1.1 strives to bridge the gap between intermediate and advanced competence in Spanish. This class is taught almost exclusively in Spanish as the language of communication in the classroom. In this course, students engage in discussion topics that include a variety of themes, review and expand their use of grammatical structures, read more sophisticated material, and view selected Spanish films and documentary materials. Students will also read a variety of novels from which they derive the concepts and themes we cover in the course. Upon completion, students are expected to know most of the tenses and pronouns and be able to use a wide range of vocabulary and grammar structures in spoken and written form. At the end of the course students are prepared to sit an external examination to receive the European Language certificate, the DELE, corresponding to their current level, if they so choose.