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AP Spanish / Spanish B2.1


(Common European Framework of Reference Equivalent B2.1+)

Grades: 9, 10, 11, 12

Subject Area/Course Credit: World Language, 1 credit

Prerequisite: D- or above in Spanish B1.2, B2.1 or CEFR B1 certificate (or equivalent), or teacher recommendation. For AP Spanish it is recommended that students have a C or above in Spanish B1.2 or B2.1, but is not required.

Spanish B2.1 (AP Spanish) emphasizes the use of language for active communication and strives to develop a strong command of vocabulary and structure; an understanding of spoken Spanish in various conversational situations; the ability to read newspaper and magazine articles, contemporary fiction, and non-technical writings without the use of a dictionary as well as fluency and accuracy in expressing ideas orally and in writing. Extensive practice in the organization and writing of compositions is also able. Upon completion of this course, students are well prepared to take the AP Spanish exam or a DELE language certification exam, if they so choose. Upon reaching the B2 level are equipped to continue language studies in the fluent speaker track.