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Virtual High School (VHS)

Upper School students are able to take Virtual High School (VHS) courses as part of their academic program. Most VHS courses last one semester and are worth 0.5 credits each. The VHS Coordinator will provide an orientation into the VHS program and will monitor and support the students throughout their course of study. VHS students are expected to login into their course five times a week, and should note that the VHS semesters do not align perfectly with ZIS vacations. Students may need to log into VHS during ZIS vacation times.

For more information about VHS visit:

Students in Grades 9-12 may enroll in VHS courses with costs covered by ZIS
— when an unresolvable schedule conflict occurs
— when ZIS does not offer a particular course that a student is required to take, for example AP Physics C
— when needed for credit recovery
Students who wish to take a VHS course that ZIS does not offer, are able to do so but the fee for this course will be the responsibility of the student’s family.