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Joe Amato

AP/IB Biology, IB Geography Teacher, and IB Coordinator (2000 - 2020)

AISZ/ZIS is incredibly fortunate that Joe chose to join our community in 2000 after 16 years in Asia. He began by teaching IB and AP Biology and in 2001 was appointed Science Department Head. In 2008 he started the first of 5 two-year IB Geography courses and was also appointed IB Coordinator, a position he retained until his retirement in 2020. 

His generous nature was extended to students as well as faculty, helping anyone who asked, with professional advice. Joe skillfully and humanely guided 12 cohorts of IB exam takers through their 2-year IB experiences and is a well-deserved winner of this year's John Mattern Award.

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Typical comments from nominators:

"Joe Amato was an enormous inspiration and help when I was completing the IB in my senior year. He was never judgmental, was quick to make you smile and his office became a safe space for me. I certainly credit him for my success towards the end of my academic career, and believe the John Mattern award would be a fitting tribute to that."

"Cool and to the point communication during IB exams, humorous and inspiring personality, and real enrichment to the ZIS atmosphere."

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Joe Amato

"Joe was/is part of the fabric of ZIS. His long service and connection with his students was inspiring."

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Joe Amato

Joe Amato

ZIS John Mattern Award for Alumni Faculty

School Memories

Joe and family!