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Dick Killen, English Teacher (AISZ 1972-1990)

Dick Killen received his BA from University of Virginia and his MA from University of Iowa. He taught English for close to two decades at AISZ, ran the weekly assemblies, coached a swim team and organized weekly softball games.


Writes one alumnus, “Mr. Killen, our beloved 10th grade English teacher, taught us to love life, respect and accept each other and ourselves… I remember assemblies where he played his guitar and sang. ‘Mr. Bojangles’ comes to mind. … I remember well his love for his subject and how much we loved and respected his kindness and his passion for life.” Another fondly remembers Dick Killen as “an outstanding teacher. His humanism, genuine interest in different cultures and opinions, his tolerance and friendliness made him an invaluable member of faculty in an international school such as AISZ. He has been a role model for me ever since.” Countless other alumni refer to Mr. Killen’s ability to find qualities in themselves that they were previously unaware of and the lasting impact he had on how our alumni look at life decades after having left his classroom. "Mr. Dick Killen was a man who was able to get through to me by simply impressing on me that each individual has so much to give in this life. Every individual adds something and it is our duty to respect that fact. Mr. Killen didn't impress that on me by his words; he did so by his actions. Mr. Killen taught me how to live."

Dick Killen has two sons who also attended AISZ. He and his wife live in retirement in the Zurich area. If you would like to share your comments about Mr. Killen (video or text), please write to

Sketch contributed by Jeffrey Isaac '73