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Regina Lanford

History Teacher ZIS 1987-2015

Regina Lanford taught history at ZIS from 1987 to 2012, returning briefly to assist the school in 2014/15. Ms. Lanford, a native of New York, studied history at Connecticut College, Berkeley, Columbia and the Paris Sorbonne, and studied archaeology at San Francisco State.

Ms. Lanford offered a wide range of classes, from Medieval Studies to AP Art History to US History. In addition, she started Paris Model United Nations at ZIS, led students in National Honor Society and Harvard Model Congress, and even offered a film club for fellow film enthusiasts. Writes one alumnus, “I owe Ms. Lanford a big thank you for a great and memorable class in Medieval Civilization and Modern Arts and Civilization. She not only taught with passion, humor, and classy irony, but also taught us how to view history and art. I teach as a profession now and her influence is always somewhere in my lecture. Thank you, Ms. Lanford!” Another stresses "Ms. Lanford inspired me to engage deeply with the [MUN] material and supported me to prepare as thoroughly as possible for the debates. She was always there when I needed help or advice. If I had any concerns with my work she would always set aside time to talk me through it, which increased my own self-assurance in my work and opinions. She is intelligent, caring, interested, opinionated, engaged with the world, and inspirational. She was an amazing teacher who led by example."

Ms. Lanford is retired and resides in Switzerland.

Regina Lanford

Regina Lanford