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Corporate Partnerships

ZIS Students and teacher working together to solve a problem

At ZIS, we deliver an education for a changing world. We want every student to thrive, and to make their own impact locally and globally. 

Our community of parents, educators and corporate leaders all know that the world our young people will inherit is increasingly fraught with very real challenges.

Partnerships for a better future

The best opportunity we have to prepare our students to thrive in the future is to help them develop the confidence, competence and commitment to make the world a better place with practical and researched problem-solving skills.

And we aren’t the only ones. Our corporate and community partners are grappling with similar problems that our students can both help with and learn from. We are committed to partnerships that help our community work toward viable solutions while also developing a better understanding of the various industry challenges. 

By building relationships with like-minded corporations and institutions we can bring real-world learning experiences and authentic local connections to our students.

The best part is that these partnerships are exciting and fun as our faculty and students help solve real-world problems through design thinking projects.

Design Thinking Events

A great example of partnership possibilities is our 2022 Design Thinking event where students of all ages engaged in real-world program-solving with the help of Spark Labs at the ETH, experts in Human-Centred Innovation using Design Thinking.

Planning for our first Corporate/Community Partnership Event Series is underway and your organization can still join in.

ZIS Design Thinking workshop

Partner with us

Young people today want to work for organizations that model human-centred values. By collaborating with us to share interesting, real-world challenges with our students, corporate and community partners contribute to developing a future generation of great problem solvers. All while making their organizations more visible to bright young people who are thinking about where they may want to work or invest in the future.

ZIS Design Thinking at the Lower School

Benefits to our Corporate/Community Partners

  • Gain a platform to share your efforts to address important challenges
  • Foster interest in your organization as a potential employer or business-to-business partner
  • Access to innovation ideas for solutions crafted by our students
  • Strengthen your corporate social responsibility efforts


Design Thinking Events

Three-phase Series of Events

Phase 1: Design Thinking Workshop

Phase 2: 10-week Design Thinking Program
Students work on identified real-world problems from corporate/community partners

Phase 3: 10-week Design Thinking Program 
Students work with guidance from ETH coaches on challenges from the process.