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High Impact Teaching

ZIS Maths teacher in front of the SmartBoard

High Impact Teaching Strategies are transforming the learning experience – for students and teachers.

We know that teachers have the greatest impact on student learning. So, as part of our strategic plan, we focus on the most effective, research-based teaching strategies in order to provide academic challenge and support for each student, and measure the impact.

High Impact Teaching Strategies (HITS)* 10 instructional practices are:

* courtesy of Educational Department of Victoria, Australia

These proven high-impact strategies are embedded in teacher practice at ZIS, with each teacher tailoring their use to each of their classes. 

We also have a clear framework for teacher goal-setting and feedback, with students being involved in this process.

We continue to see the positive impact that the introduction of HITS has had on teacher practise and student learning.

High Impact Strategies diagram

Teachers who have a growth mindset and the right tools to support their professional learning will thrive, and they will, in turn, offer the necessary learning opportunities to ensure academic challenge and support for each student.

John Mattern Award

We have been known for our impactful teachers since the school was founded in 1963. Each year, the alumni community nominates outstanding teachers for the John Mattern Award, named for our first headmaster who was renowned for his ability to inspire and influence students and faculty alike.

Hear from some of our award winners: