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Learning Growth Dashboard

The Learning Growth Dashboard is an innovative new platform that provides parents with an overview of their child's growth over time. It brings together internal grades and assessments, as well external assessment data, so parents have an overview of their child's progress during their time at ZIS.

Introduction to the Learning Growth Dashboard

Educational Data and Technology Coordinator Will Kirkwood introduces the Learning Growth Dashboard.

What will I see?

Get a preview of what the Learning Growth Dashboard will look like and what you can expect to see. 

How do I access the Learning Dashboard?

The Learning Growth Dashboard will be launched on April 25.

1. Log into PowerSchool (https://powerschool.zis.ch/public/)

2. Click on the arrow icon in the top right-hand corner: 

PowerSchool Link icon



3. Click on ""ZIS Learning Growth Dashboard":

Click on Academic Data Visuals for parents

4.Select "Student Data Profile"

Select Student Data Profile (Parent View)

Why develop a Learning Dashboard?

Information about internal and external assessments is shared with parents in different ways. 

  • Middle and Upper School parents can access current school year grades through the Gradebook in PowerSchool, but that only shows grades for the current year. 
  • External assessment results, e.g. MAP Reading and Mathematics, ERB Writing and SAT assessments are shared with parents separately and viewed in isolation from other assessment data.

The Learning Growth Dashboard brings all this assessment data together in one place, not just for the current year, but showing data across school years. This allows parents to see trends in their child's progress during their time at ZIS.  

The dashboard will show each student's learning journey and help us as a community to have richer, more meaningful discussions about each student's learning. 

Example of an Upper School student's historical grades over time. 

Visual of sample upper school grades