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ZIS Students and teacher working together to solve a problem

STEM & Design Thinking

Our students learn to create the world of tomorrow

Children who attend school now will be graduating and searching for jobs that may not even exist yet. At ZIS, we strive to give our students the ability to think creatively and in innovative ways so they are ready to lead the way. Our highly integrated approach to teaching Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) is an important part of their preparation. 

STEM disciplines provide solutions to some of the world’s biggest problems. We need more creative thinkers in STEM. ZIS students are taught to be capable of seeing the opportunities, where others see problems.

Integrating STEM throughout the curriculum

In the real world, STEM isn’t experienced in isolation nor in a classroom. It’s blended with other disciplines to solve real problems. We work hard at making STEM fun, and integrate STEM throughout our curriculum and co-curricular experiences.

Every year every student engages in a major integrated STEM project. This is a project that has STEM at the heart to truly embed their learning into solving real problems.

ZIS Student in the wind tunnel in the design lab

Beyond the curriculum, some of our STEM engagement activities include: 

Building connections to solve problems

ZIS students experience STEM subjects in a way that enables them to see and build connections. They are encouraged to:

  • Build connections between STEM subjects


  • See connections between STEM in the classroom and in the real world


  • Build communication and collaboration skills


  • See the part that STEM plays in wider problem solving. 

Industry-relevant experience

Why wait until they enter employment before experiencing an industry environment? At ZIS our students are given access to technologies and processes that are actually used in industry, as well as having access to industry specialists. Our corporate partnerships activity supports this. 

Outstanding STEM facilities

We have developed state of the art facilities for STEM subjects on our primary and secondary campuses, as well as multi-purpose learning spaces and media labs.

Our Middle School has a new dedicated technology space. And we have Design Labs throughout the schools, as well as STEM labs and classrooms. 

Our Design Labs complement the Mathematics and Science curriculum as well as hosting programs for robotics, programming, and design. Activities such as student-led live streaming of events, a Formula 1 in Schools club and TEDxYouth@Adliswil offer students the chance to apply their learning in ways that change the world around them, taking full advantage of our excellent facilities.