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University & Careers


Two Upper School student sitting in the university area researching universities

Whether a student is planning to go to university, a gap year, military service or pursue other options, the Upper School University and Career Counselors provide personalized assistance in that transition.

We guide students in their quest to find the pathway that best fits their abilities, interests and needs. ZIS graduates are highly regarded, and each year more than 100 university representatives from a variety of countries visit our Upper School to meet with students and their counselors.

Our counselors are experienced and have the most up-to-date information on trends in the admissions world, and how changes specifically affect ZIS students. So, whether a student is planning for university, a gap year, or military service, our counselors offer individualized academic planning and help with university applications.

University Fair

ZIS is a truly international school, with students preparing for opportunities around the world.

Our reputation as a leading school has been shown by the number of university representatives that visit our campus each year.

The ZIS University Fair is a regular fixture on the Upper School calendar. Students and parents have the opportunity to open a personal dialog with university representatives from all over Europe and North America.

Meet the Counselors

ZIS University and Careers Counselors

Bryn Will, Lindsay Tosun, Marisa Jackson

Upper School Profile 2023/24

ZIS Profile 2023/24

Information for University Representatives

Each year nearly 120 university representatives come to ZIS to meet with students, counselors, and interested parents.

Scheduling a Visit to ZIS Upper School

We look forward to welcoming you to our campus. Please contact Philippa Gray ( to arrange your visit. It is best to plan a visit during lunch.  

Wishing you a safe and successful travel season!