Welcome to the Lower School

Welcome to the Lower School in Wadenswil. At the Lower School you start with us in Early ZIS (age 3) and stay with us to Grade 5 (age 11). You can then move on to the Middle School at Kilchberg.

To get a feel of what it's like to be a Lower School student at ZIS, have a look at our Lower School video.

Read what Lucy from Grade 5 has to say about ZIS:

ZIS is a fabulous school where you can learn a lot and make a lot of good friends.

From third grade upwards you go on superb trips including an epic ski trip for three days every year, as well as really fun trips to Verbier(www.verbier.ch) Leysin (www.agile-leysin-lesmosses.ch) and Torgon (www.torgon.ch) for five days in Grade 3, 4 and 5. All these trips are packed with exciting and enjoyable actives such as; hiking, rope courses, outdoor games, water parks, rock climbing and much more.

The choice of activities at ZIS is just amazing.

We have loads of different things to do at lunchtime. We can either go outside and play in the awesome playground, go to the library, join student council, do NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month - write for the whole of November and publish your book on Amazon!) or go to the Art Room. After school there are tons of clubs you can sign up for, such as; dance (you can do fabulous shows for the whole school), cross country running, jewellery making, gymnastics, martial arts, swimming and much much more... You will never be bored in break or after school!

Learning at ZIS is done through the inquiry cycle which is when you start off with a big question then you research, present and reflect on your work and then do something to help by taking action. It is fun to learn like this because we get to present our work in our own creative ways and it is a good way to learn because we find out things ourselves.

In lessons we have iPads to help us with our learning. Teachers balance the use of iPads and the use of pen and paper very well. They use fun ways to teach us but we still learn as much as we possibly can. Lessons can very often be very fun. We play math games, reading games, etc.

People at ZIS are very friendly. There are so many different nationalities at ZIS so you can learn all about different countries. Every year, we have a United Nations day to celebrate where we all come from. The teachers are also very friendly and caring. They challenge you at your own level.

ZIS is great, we all like going to school there.