Music is an integral part of educational life at ZIS and we strive to inspire and nuture the love of music. All children have the opportunity to be involved in music as part of their music lessons at school as well as participating in band, strings or choir.

The Music Academy offers the opportunity for students to take private instrument lessons conveniently on school campuses. Lessons are arranged directly between the parent and the teacher.

A list of Music Academy teachers is available for parents under the School Links & Servcies tab in the Community Portal.

Music student

Early Childhood Music

  • The children take part in a range of musical activities and develop a repertoire of songs and rhymes as part of the daily routine.
  • They have access to musical instruments both as free play activities when they can explore the qualities and sounds of different instruments on a spontaneous basis, and in group activities where they learn to share, take turns, and listen carefully to identify different instruments.
  • Music is seen as enhancing the whole curriculum and may be linked to other areas such as Math and Language.
Music at ECC
ECC Music

Lower School Music

  • In Kindergarten to Grade 2 students experience music in a general music environment. Through the use of singing, dancing and playing games and instruments, students learn to enjoy music while gaining an understanding of how the basic concepts of music function. They begin to read, create and experience new and exciting ways to express themselves through music.
  • In Grade 3 students move from a general music setting to one which incudes a focus on the recorder and all of the requirements needed to perform on an instrument.
  • From Grade 4, and into Grade 5, students can select from three specialized ensembles: band, strings and choral where they chose to learn either a band or orchestral string instrument or continue in the broad music program that focuses on voice as a performance instrument.
  • Lower School music ensembles and classes perform at least twice per year as part of the curricular program and serve to demonstrate growing musical knowledge, skills and confidence.
  • Further information on the Lower School music curriculum can be found in the Lower School Program of Studies.


Lower School Music

Music Academy

music academy

Middle School Music

  • In Grade 6 all students study music for a minimum of one semester (band, choir or strings) or they can elect to study music for the whole year in the Middle School Band or String Ensemble.
  • In Grades 7 and 8 students can choose year long electives in Band or String Ensemble or a semester course in Choir.
  • There are a number of performances throughout the year including the Winter and Spring Arts Festivals as well as special projects like "Bands Together".
  • Students who enrol in a music performance course (band, choir or strings) have the opportunity to audition for the AMIS (Association for Music in International Schools) Middle School Honor Band, Orchestra or Choir.
  • Full details of the Middle Music curriculum can be found in the Middle School Program of Studies.

Middle School Music

Bands Together

Bands Together

Upper School Music

  • In Grades 9-12 students have the option to choose courses in Concert Band, String Orchestra or Concert Choir.
  • Concert Band and String Orchestra is for experienced woodwind, brass, percussion and string instrument players with the primary goal to create and experience music in a group, while understanding the role and responsibilities of the individual. There are several public performances each year.
  • Advanced members of these music groups may have the opportunity to prepare an audition for the AMIS (Association of Music in International Schools) International Honor Band Festival or International Honor Orchestra Festival.
  • Concert Choir is a performance-based course. Students work on proper vocal technique, tone and good intonation. Singers are challenged to learn and perform a wide variety of vocal and choral music from classical, pop, jazz, tradtional and world music. Students participate in several concerts throughout the year and maybe eligile to audition for the International Choir Festival.
  • Students participating in Choir, Band or Strings may be considered for IB Music or AP Music Theory. Full details of the upper school music curriculum can be found in the Upper School Program of Studies.

Concert Band, Orchestra, String Ensemble

Concert Choir

Concert Choir
Amis Singers
Middle School Music
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