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Competitive Athletics Program

Three Lower School boys in ZIS Sports kit holding basketballs
Where students discover themselves
Upper School Rugby team in action
Having the confidence to adapt and character to inspire others
Middle School Tennis Team
Where students discover themselves
ZIS Cross Country Team
Where students discover themselves
ZIS Lions is the logo for the competitive athletics program

Students have plenty of opportunity to achieve their athletic potential through our comprehensive program, excellent facilities and, above all, our dedicated coaching staff. Our philosophy is based on "team spirit" and a sense of "fair play" and we are well-known on the international school circuit in Switzerland and in Europe for our sportsmanship. Our athletes travel around Europe to compete and ZIS families host hundreds of visiting student athletes from other schools each year. This way our students and their families have the opportunity to participate in a fun and rewarding program, which also promotes their physical, emotional and social well-being.

We are members in one national and two international organizations:

We participate in competitions run by each of these and host a minimum of two ISST, two SCIS and three SGIS tournaments per school year.

Competitive Team Overviews

Find out what competitive sports are offered at ZIS and the commitment of team players.

Information for Players and Parents

Player and parents can access team pages (login required) to view the schedule and information about all the upcoming fixtures.