BIS Partnership

Bosomtwe International School (BIS), formerly Bosomtwe Commnunity School, is a low fee paying private school in the Ashanti region in Ghana. In the past 10 years, thanks to the support of the ZIS community, the school has grown from 20 children being taught in a small wooden hut to 135 students attending a purpose-built modern school campus. The school is governed by the proprietor, and ZIS teacher, Ibrahim Oubda. The "Ibrahim Oubda Education Foundation" is a registered charitable foundation in Ghana. BIS is driven by the mission - Respect, Knowledge, Independence.

What is the BIS Partnership?

  • The BIS partnership is an ongoing commitment to a mutually beneficial educational project between the communities of ZIS and BIS
  • ZIS provides continued financial support with a long term goal of establishing a self-sustaining financial model for the operational cost of BIS
  • ZIS provides strategic thinking and educational support, including faculty / administrator visits and faculty summer work placements
  • ZIS teachers, students, families and alumni benefit from the experience of direct service opportunities at BIS
  • The partnership is an all-school project uniting the four ZIS campuses and providing a focus for student and community action

How Can I Help?

Events and Volunteering

The ZIS community supports the capital / facility projects of BIS through the following fundraising events which are organized by students, teachers and community volunteers:

  • The Ghana Cup, an all school event, held in May
  • The Lower School Talent Show held in April
  • The Middle School Student Council Dinner held in May
  • The Upper School ExtravaGHANzA held in January 
  • Volunteer help is always welcomed and is coordinated through the BIS Partnership Parent Support Committee

Match and More
The ZIS Community subsidizes the operational cost of BIS through the Tuition "Match and More" Model while encouraging ownership within the BIS community and rewarding high student attendance rates.