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The BIS Tuition "Match and More" Model

The BIS tuition "Match and More" model aims to subsidize the operational costs of the school while encouraging greater ownership, and ultimately, financial sustainability within the BIS Community. The model aims to recognize and reward a higher rate of paid attendance at the school.

How does the model work?

  • The majority of the BIS children attend on a "pay-as-you-learn" basis with a daily fee being charged
  • BIS parents will pay the equivalent of Ghanaian cedi 1.5GHS (approximately 40 rappen) per day for 185 days of the 215 school days per year
  • ZIS community members can choose to match this by paying the equivalent of 1.5GHS for 245 days per year
  • The "extra" days paid by ZIS will entitle each BIS student to up to 30 "free" days of school based on their level of attendance

How will the money be used?

  • This is not an individual sponsorship model and tuition matches will not benefit a specific individual child directly
  • The money will ensure that the annual operating cost of BIS is covered
  • Money will be used to support teacher salaries, educational materials, professional development, additional costs such as athletic competitions and student activities
  • Money will be used to additionally subsidize identified hardship cases
  • Any surplus money will be transferred to the educational foundation as reserves to ensure the financial stability of BIS

What does it cost?

  • CHF 120 per year is the cost of "matching" the tuition of one BIS student
  • Matching 135 students would result in an annual operating budget of between 62,000GHS and 75,000GHS depending upon paid attendance

How do I make a payment?

  • By completing the form below you can choose to match tuition fees for the 2018/19 academic year
  • On submission you will be asked for your credit card details to process a one-off payment