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Summer Vacation Program

The ZIS Summer Vacation Program for 2022 is only open to ZIS students (Early Childhood to Grade 12, ages 3 to 19) and is organized into morning and afternoon sessions.

  • You can register for individual weeks below - please do not use a smart phone to register.
  • Grades refer to the 2021/22 school year (!)
  • More details on individual ZIS camps are visible after step 1 in the registration process.
  • Registration will open on 12/05/2022 at 12:00.

ZIS Summer Camps

Times, costs and details
  • 09:00-12:00 - Cost CHF 250
  • 13:00-16:00 - Cost CHF 250

You can register for morning sessions, afternoon sessions or all day (09:00 to 16:00)

  • Children who are attending for the whole day must bring a packed lunch and they will be supervised over the lunch hour.
  • Please ensure that children have appropriate clothing for the program they are registered for and for the weather in the case of outdoor activities.
  • Please do not drop your child off any earlier than 15 minutes before the start of the program (i.e. 08:45 or 12:45).
  • Please ensure that your child is collected on time at the end of the program.
  • There is no school transportation offered.
  • Activities' descriptions are available when registering and choosing sessions (in step 2). 

Due to construction at both the Wadenswil and Adliswil campuses, as well as the move from the Kilchberg campus, the summer program is limited this year.

ZIS students kayaking on Lake Zurich during ZIS Summer camp
June 20 - 24 (Week 1)

At the Lower School:

  • Multi-activities, EC - Grade 2
  • Gymnastics, Grades 1-5
  • STEM, Grades 4-6
  • Multi-sports, Grades 1-5
  • NEW Let's Move It Move It, Grades 2-5

Off campus:

  • Sit-on-Top Kayak Paddling, Grades 4-6


June 27 - July 1 (Week 2)

At the Lower School:

  • Multi-activities, EC - Grade 2
  • Multi-sports, Grades 1-5

Off campus:

  • Kayaking, Grades 6-12


July 4 - 8 (Week 3)

At the Lower School:

  • Multi-activities, EC to Grade 2


August 2-5 (Week 4)

At the Lower School:

  • Multi-activities, EC to Grade 2


For more information for each camp, please click on Register, and details will be available after step 1 in the registration process.

Partnership Programs


At ZIS Campuses:

  • Soccer Camp, run by Intersoccer at the Lower School
    • Age 3 to 5: Mini camp from 10:00 to 12:30
    • Age 5 to 13:  Full day camp from 10:00 to 17:00
    • For more information and to register, visit Intersoccer

External Camps:

  • Golf Camp, run by Swiss and European Golf Professional, Mari Carmen Cortina
    • All ages and abilities welcome
    • For more information and to register, see here.
Soccer Camp at ZIS, girl kicks a football on the soccer pitch
Picture of students taking part in a music vacation activity
ZIS Lower School student taking part in a coding camp
ZIS Lower School students working on their drawings in art camp
Lower School students warming up on the All Weather pitch during summer camp
ZIS Lower School boy walking on the balance beam
Lower School girl kicks the ball in a soccer match
Lower School students painting as part of summer camp
Lower School student working on their laptops as part of coding camp
Lower School students playing with lego
ZIS Lower School girls watching a girl do a sommersault
Lower School students taking part in coding camp