Annual Fund

The Annual Fund 2019 participation challenge successfully completed!

Together we did it! We needed just 50 more donors to give between April 30 and June 15 to unlock a large anonymous donation from a parent. On June 4, just 35 days after the challenge began, we had 50 new 2018-19 donors to the Annual Fund and fulfilled the participation challenge!

Thanks to our 345 generous donors this year, we raised over CHF 228,000 for STEAM projects - a new record!

As a non-profit organization, ZIS relies on fundraising for educational enhancements and to create our unique "ZIS Experience." The Annual Fund is the school’s primary fundraiser. It has an immediate impact on students and teachers by funding programs and improvements that go above and beyond what tuition provides.

For more information about the Annual Fund, please read our frequently asked questions or contact ZIS Head of Development Jenny Wyss.


2018/19 STEAM Training Focus 

As the yearly appeal to all members of the ZIS community, the Annual Fund supports strategic projects that enhance educational excellence for current students. Evidence of our community's generosity can be seen with plaques around school, commemorating many past fundraising projects.

This year's Annual Fund projects focus on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) on each campus. The Annual Fund is building on last year’s support of STEAM equipment and resources, for example, by funding training for students and faculty in robotics, programming, and Maker activities, both within the curriculum and outside the classroom. There will also be the opportunity to develop parent learning in these areas through special family sessions. The Annual Fund is working closely with the new STEAM coordinator at ZIS, who will grow and organize these activities across campuses.

Click on the campus buttons below for more information about the projects, and please use the button below to make your donation!

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Jenny Wyss
Head of Development

Thank you! Annual Fund 2018/19

  • CHF 25,000 Professional development for teachers
  • CHF 20,000 Young guest speakers
  • CHF 5,000 Parent technology guest speakers
  • CHF 1,500 Parent "Maker" coffee mornings
  • CHF 18,000 ZIS Cares service learning grants
  • CHF 10,000 Alumni international networking

Lower School

  • CHF 6,000 STEAM Saturday / STEAM Family workshops
  • CHF 6,000 Mobile app development program
  • CHF 6,000 Guest speakers - girls in STEM
  • CHF 6,000 Makerspace and Tinker Lab supplies
  • CHF 2,000 First Lego League
  • CHF 1,700 Support for trip to Google


  • CHF 4,000 Makerspace Mini Workshop equipment
  • CHF 2,000 Coding and robotics equipment


  • CHF 20,000 Set up and equip Middle School Makerspace
  • CHF 6,000 STEAM Saturday / STEAM Family workshops
  • CHF 5,000 F1 in Schools competition
  • CHF 5,000 Fund for student-led STEAM projects
  • CHF 2,000 First Lego League


  • CHF 16,200 Guest speakers
  • CHF 8,000 VEX Robotics club support
  • CHF 5,000 Fund for student-led STEAM projects
  • CHF 4,000 Makerspace equipment and supplies

Annual Fund Volunteers


For more information about the Annual Fund, please contact our team of Annual Fund volunteers:

Suzanne Long - ECC Parent Rep and PA Rep, T +41 (0) 79 296 66 97

Andrea Demey - Lower School Parent Co-Rep, T +41 (0)79 700 41 23

Lory Spier - Lower School Parent Co-Rep, T +41 (0) 79 267 25 08

Tomas Molvidson - Middle School Parent Rep, T +41 (0) 79 815 21 67

Lily Quinn - Upper School Parent Rep, T +41 (0)79 504 87 39

Michela Ratti - Member at Large, T +41 (0) 79 593 41 43

Kimara Meier - Faculty and Staff Parent Rep

Tom Krebs '78 - Alumni Rep