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Annual Fund

As a non-profit organization, ZIS relies on fundraising for educational enhancements and to create our unique "ZIS Experience." The Annual Fund is the school’s primary fundraiser. It has an immediate impact on students and teachers by funding programs and improvements that go above and beyond what tuition provides.

For more information about the Annual Fund, please read our frequently asked questions or contact ZIS Head of Development Jenny Wyss.


2019/20 Sustainability Focus 

As the yearly appeal to all members of the ZIS community, the Annual Fund supports strategic projects that enhance educational excellence for current students. Evidence of our community's generosity can be seen with plaques around school, commemorating many past fundraising projects.

As the Brundtland Report notably put it, Sustainability is "meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."

This year's Annual Fund projects focus on Educating for Sustainability on each campus and at the school generally. A range of impactful projects - including professional development, Zero Waste workshops, Living Classroom development, participation in the Eco-Schools initiative, Sustainability / STEAM guest speakers and many others - will provide opportunities for our students, their families and the whole community to participate in Sustainability initiatives and to support the U.N.'s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Annual Fund is working closely with the Sustainability Coordinator at ZIS, who will grow and organize these activities across campuses.

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Jenny Wyss
Head of Development

How does the Annual Fund work?

  • CHF 25,000 Professional development for teachers
  • CHF 20,000 SDG guest speakers
  • CHF 5,000 Zero Waste community workshops
  • CHF 5,000 Place-based learning field work / trips
  • CHF 18,000 ZIS Cares service learning grants
  • CHF 10,000 Alumni international networking
  • CHF 10,000 Living Classroom development
  • CHF 6,000 STEAM, SDGs and real world problem-solving
  • CHF 4,000 Visiting authors
  • CHF 2,000 Local community outreach projects
  • CHF 1,500 Eco-Schools participation


  • CHF 20,000 Outdoor education, Living Classrooms and Service Learning curriculum development
  • CHF 6,000 STEAM, SDGs and real world problem-solving
  • CHF 5,000 Fund for student-led SDG projects
  • CHF 1,500 Eco-Schools participation


  • CHF 20,000 Guest speakers and workshops
  • CHF 5,000 Fund for student-led SDG projects
  • CHF 6,000 Living Classroom and Citizen Science programs