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Professional development for teachers

Project Cost: CHF 25,000

Students need leaders and guides in the process of their Sustainability and Systems learning. Therefore, it is essential that their teachers receive training on the latest teaching and learning approaches. Professional development opportunities like the Inspire Citizens Organization, the "Teaching for Active Global Citizenship" workshop and the Teach SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) organization's "SDGs Global Educators Ambassador" program, will prepare teachers for their work inside the classroom and after school. 



SDG guest speakers

Project Cost: CHF 20,000

Ann (Andini) Makosinski is an acclaimed student inventor interested in alternative energy harvesting techniques and their applications in improving the life of people all over the world. She is best known for her invention the Hollow Flashlight, a flashlight that runs solely off the heat of the human hand. The flashlight was recognized with the Gold Medal and the Energy Award at the Canada-Wide Science Fair, the Google Science Fair Award, and received four awards at the Intel Science and Engineering Fair. Other guest speakers will be determined.


Zero Waste Community Workshops

Project Cost: CHF 5,000

The Zero Waste Switzerland Association works with citizens and institutions to teach strategies for consumption and production without waste, for a better ecological footprint. One of Zero Waste Switzerland's popular initiatives is a series of workshops (on topics like Food and Drink, and Beauty Products) to explore why it’s so important to reduce overall waste and pollution in the world and what each one of us can concretely do to reduce our own waste. 



Place-based learning field work/trips

Project Cost: CHF 5,000

An essential element to educating for sustainability is developing a connection to place. By providing teachers support for ongoing field studies in our community, students will have opportunities to learn from experts in our local natural and urban environments.



ZIS Cares - service learning grants

Project Cost: CHF 18,000

Roughly 10% of Annual Fund proceeds each year are designated to the ZIS Cares Central Bank for student service learning education and service group activities. Service groups can apply for grants through the student-run ZIS Cares Committee. The goal is to inspire students to think about the impact that they can have and the processes behind effective philanthropy.




Alumni International Networking

Project Cost: CHF 10,000

Support ZIS alumni networking around the world! International networking opportunities (ZISMeets learning & networking events, and other services) will help former students and parents build and maintain personal and professional networks no matter where life takes them. At ZIS, all past students, parents, faculty and staff are our alumni.