All School Projects

Professional development for teachers

Project Cost: CHF 25,000

Students need leaders and guides in the process of their STEAM learning, and so it's essential that their teachers receive training on the latest teaching and learning approaches. Professional development opportunities like Harvard Graduate School's "Making and Thinking in the Maker Centered Classroom," Maker Educator certification, and Microsoft's "hacking STEM" for teachers will prepare them for their work inside the classroom and after school.



Guest speakers - the younger generation!

Project Cost: CHF 20,000

Who better for our students to learn from than other young people who are making waves in the STEAM community? Speakers like: Kari Lawler, 15-year-old guest lecturer in artificial intelligence (AI) at Birmingham City University and founder of her own AI company, or the world-renowned Canadian college student who already has invented several devices and is the 2013 winner of Google's Science Fair, have been invited to spend time speaking and working with our students.




Technology guest speakers for parents

Project Cost: CHF 5,000

While our students benefit from STEAM initiatives inside and outside the classroom everyday, sometimes parents feel less than clear on what it all means. ZIS will invite several guest speakers to discuss the significance of STEAM education and what parents can do to support their students' learning.



Parent "Maker" coffee mornings

Project Cost: CHF 1,500

In the service of parent education, several "Maker" sessions will be offered at the ECC and the Lower School campuses in the morning, led by a ZIS faculty member who is also behind the production of the Zurich Makerfaire. She will guide parents through activities designed to foster creative thinking using materials and tools.




ZIS Cares - service learning grants

Project Cost: CHF 18,000

Roughly 10% of Annual Fund proceeds each year are designated to the ZIS Cares Central Bank for student service learning education and service group activities. Service groups can apply for grants through the student-run ZIS Cares Committee. The goal is to inspire students to think about the impact that they can have and the processes behind effective philanthropy.




Alumni International Networking

Project Cost: CHF 10,000

Support ZIS alumni networking around the world! International networking opportunities (ZISMeets learning & networking events, and other services) will help former students and parents build and maintain personal and professional networks no matter where life takes them. At ZIS, all past students, parents, faculty and staff are our alumni.