Upper School Projects

STEAM Guest Speakers

Project Cost: CHF 16,200

Chris Charnitski, international school teacher and advocate for the Next Generation Science Standards, will spend several days with faculty, with the goal of preparing them to create projects in engineering and in real-world applications of science concepts for Upper School students. In addition, one or more guest speakers will work with Grade 12 students in their "transitions" advisory curriculum, possibly on the topic of personal finance. The goal for "transitions" is to help prepare Grade 12s for life after graduation.


VEX Robotics club support

Project Cost: CHF 8,000

This project will "fill the gap" in robotics instruction on all ZIS campuses by providing a robotics option at the Upper School. Designed to promote creativity, problem-solving and teamwork, VEX Robotics allows students to learn how to design, build and program robots. Students in the extra-curricular Robotics club will practice project challenges in order to prepare for a competition next year.



Student-led STEAM projects fund

Project Cost: CHF 5,000

This "venture fund" will provide support for students who are passionate about pursuing their own STEAM projects outside of the classroom. The fund may allow the purchase of special equipment, software or learning tools to make these student-led projects possible. Criteria for successful grants will be created by faculty in consultation with students.



Makerspace equipment and supplies

Project Cost: CHF 4,000

Although the Upper School Makerspace has been growing in the last two years, student interest in Applied Design calls for an expansion of opportunities in wood- and metal-working. New equipment would include Edison worktables, wood and metal lathes and a forge for metal-working, as well as lathe accessories.