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Den and Den Jr

The Den is a permanent meeting place for the whole school – students, faculty, parents, alumni and other community members – located at the Upper School gym near the entrance. The Den includes a café with professional kitchen appliances, a serving area and seating, as well as a school store.

The store offers ZIS logo items and ZIS athletic wear such as track suits and school T-shirts. The Den is operated by volunteers (parents in the ZIS Booster Club and ZIS student clubs), coordinated by the Athletics and Activities (ATAC) office. For more information about volunteer opportunities, please contact the ATAC office.

In the Lower School, The Den Jr. offers a simple indoor/outdoor meeting place for parents attending athletic events or purchasing ZIS athletic wear. It is also used as a classroom extension for selected school events at the Lower School.

Through the success of the 2016 ZIS Gala, the school community raised the funds necessary to construct The Den and Den Jr.

The Den and Den Jr. serve the whole ZIS community:

  • ZIS parents, faculty and students who want to hang out between and after games and school events on the weekends and in the evenings.
  • ZIS parents needing an informal meeting place during school hours.
  • ZIS students looking for a quick snack and a chance to chat before classes on Wednesday mornings (“Pancake Day”).
  • ZIS alumni coming back to visit with former teachers and classmates.
  • ZIS families hosting guest athletes by providing a convenient and economical place for teams to buy lunch during tournaments.
  • ZIS parents and students picking up athletic uniforms, ZIS wear and ZIS logo item orders.
Den Jr
Den Jr., Lower School
Den Donors Plaque
Donor plaque, The Den