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Philanthropy at ZIS

ZIS Middle School student with slinkies during a science experiment

We Built this School

The school’s founders, with philanthropic support from parents and organizations, established the American International School of Zurich (AISZ) in the Spinnergut Villa in Kilchberg in 1963.

They established it as a non-profit school – guaranteeing that every franc of income would be spent on supporting education. Donations are tax deductible for Swiss and American taxpayers.

The class of 1964


At ZIS, we deliver an education for a changing world. We want every student to thrive, and to make their own impact locally and globally. 

Our ability to evolve has been made possible by the generosity of several generations of donors who recognize the value of the ZIS Experience in supporting our children to shape a better world.


Strategic Giving Priorities

Our giving priorities reflect our mission and values. They support the implementation of our strategic plan and impact the ZIS Experience.

Sustainable Perspectives

Emily, Grade 12

I want to change the world – and school is a great place to start! That’s why I’m very happy that ZIS is not just installing solar panels but also promoting what it’s doing to the whole school community. Exposure to renewable energy technologies encourages us students to think differently – and talk about our thoughts with our families and friends. That means solar gets more exposure, which in turn attracts more attention. It’s a perfect domino effect. 

Read More about Emily, Grade 12
Ishan, Grade 10

I think it’s great that ZIS is not just installing solar panels but getting us students involved, too. Our Beyond the Classroom initiative, for example, had us building and installing our own solar panels, then tracking the data they produced. It’s so important to engage students: after all, we’re the ones who are thinking about the future and the bigger picture.

Read More about Ishan, Grade 10
Aisha Zidouhia, ZIS Parent

In today’s digital age – where children often spend a significant amount of time on their phones and tablets– I think it’s crucial to foster their critical thinking and teamwork skills. That’s why, as a parent of a six-year-old and a 12-year-old who tries to foster these skills in my children daily, I’m supporting the campaign to raise money for solar panels at ZIS, because it actively promotes both these qualities.

Read More about Aysegul E. Zidouhia, Parent
Julian Meitanis Class of 2000 (1995-2000)

I’m proud to support ZIS’s solar panels – it means the school is taking steps in the right direction. I think about this a lot, because my job is guiding companies to do exactly what ZIS is doing – integrating renewable energy systems into their existing systems and decarbonising their operations. How can they do this? What might be the impacts, and how should they deal with those? 

Read More about Julian Meitanis, Class of 2000 (1995-2000), Director of Corporate Sustainability at KPMG

Creating a Sustainable Future

Sustainability is core to our strategic plan. With the support of our community, we plan to max out our solar potential by installing solar panels across both campuses. 

We are switching to 100% renewable energy by 2030, and we have ambitious targets to drastically reduce our energy consumption.

Support the installation of solar panels by making a donation to the Annual Fund

As a non-profit organization, Zurich International School reinvests all of its income into improving the ZIS experience. Philanthropy allows us to go beyond what tuition and fees allow. The Annual Fund is a collective effort made by the ZIS community to raise donations in support of strategic school priorities every year.

Fund a Solar Panel

Impact of Giving

From humble beginnings to the world class international school of today, we are indebted to the vision, determination and commitment of many former and current members of our community. The generosity of our parents, alumni, staff, corporations and friends ensures our forward thinking and dynamic approach, maintains our position at the forefront of international education.  

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How to Support Us

There are many ways to be involved at ZIS and we are enormously grateful for your support. All acts of generosity whether time, talent and donations, are an endorsement of our ambition to provide an education that ensures children develop a lifelong love of learning. 

Request a meeting to discuss how you can help support us - contact Reid Alan Ching, Head of Development at

ZIS Voices panel

Impact of Giving

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ZIS Director, Lisa Lyle

Not for Profit

ZIS’s education-first status is fundamental to its ethos, but what does it really mean to be a non-profit school in the 21st century?

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ZIS Middle School PE teacher talks about the new Triple Gym

The Campaign for ZIS

Middle School PE Teacher, James Ramsay, talks about the new Triple Gym and how it will support integration with the local community as well as the impact it will have on ZIS students. 

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Annual Fund 2019

ZIS Annual Fund 2019/20

Hear about the projects that were supported by the Annual Fund during the school year 2019/20 and the impact they had on students at ZIS.

Why I Give

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Dan Holzmann

I believe in the power of education and think it is worthwhile to invest in. In fact, one of the best uses of money is for bettering the educational system, for the kids, the future. 

Read More about Dan Holzmann

Past Fundraising

Middle School students play a game on the terrace of the new middle school

The new Secondary Campus is more than a new Middle School building. Read about the ways the new campus is transforming school life for Middle and Upper School students.

Strategic Plan

ZIS Strategic Plan image

At ZIS, we deliver an education for a changing world. We want every student to thrive, and to make their own impact locally and globally. Learning more about our strategic plan. 

ZIS Foundation

ZIS Foundation

The Zurich International School Foundation, Inc. is a U.S. non-profit organization with the mission of supporting education, and Zurich International School in particular.  You make a US Tax deductable donation in US Dollars here.